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Currently ActionLink Wireless can unlock or flash most cell phones! Contact us to confirm your phone compatibility.

Despite shaking, limited social contact, and other calamities, we are still your link to wireless and electronic repair.  We have made efforts to keep our store sanitized and are making every effort to protect our customers with the repairs that they need taken care of at this time! Please shop local and support our local small businesses.

We are an authorized dealer for T-mobile and Go Smart

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No matter what the problem is, our in-house technicians can diagnose and fix your tablet.

Mike ‎ - Dec 9, 2011

I couldn’t find any place that seemed very good that could fix the crack on my phone screen. I stumbled upon this company and decided they were worth the shot. After seeing the last comment and noticing they had a groupon I figure they must be a pretty good company if they are on groupon. Their service was great and I was happy with how they fixed my phone. Great company at what they do.

Bo ‎ - Nov 14, 2011

They had a Groupon that I got and used. It was great paying $20 and getting $50 to use. I was able to use it toward getting my screen fixed on my phone. They were very nice and getting things like this at a discount rate makes me very happy. I wasn’t even thinking about fixing my phone until I saw this groupon.

Heather ‎ - Nov 8, 2011

It is so rad that you can get a phone that is specifically made for Verizon and use it on the Sprint network. The cool thing about that is now the phone I am using I wasn’t even able to buy from sprint. These guys are good at unlocking the phones and getting them to work on your new network. Totally worth it.

Lucy ‎ - Nov 3, 2011

They can even fix pads. After calling them to see if they can fix a galaxy tab. I thought that was awesome. After dropping my tab I thought it was gonna have to be cracked forever. Their kindness and service was awesome.

Action Link Provides Utah Cell Phone, Tablet, iPhone, iPad And Laptop Repair Servicing Taylorsville, Salt Lake City, West Valley, West Jordan, Sandy, Draper, Kearns, Herriman, Riverton.

Believe it or not, despite Apple’s success in releasing iPhone models, we still absolutely hate two types: the broken iPhone and the infinitely locked iPhone.

You thought this was a hate page for Apple, didn’t you? Well, it’s not. In fact, we totally love iPhones – we adore them, really. And not just iPhones, we also love Android phones, analog phones, and almost every other phone in existence! We love this handy piece of contraption so much that it really pains us to see shattered screens, drained batteries, damaged CPU’s and MPUs, cracked camera lenses, and ultimately, a dead phone.

This is why we channeled this pain positively and decided to make it our life’s mission to SAVE every cellphone, smartphone, and mobile tablet in existence. So whether your phone is an iPhone X or a Samsung Galaxy A8, or even a Nokia 3110 (I bet young earthlings don’t even know what this one looks like), as long as it needs saving, Action Link Wireless will be there to save the day!

Why Do We Choose To Repair?

Just because something is old, doesn’t mean it’s useless. Or, just because something is broken, doesn’t mean it’s beyond hope for repair. Young people of today are so fond of throwing away things that it breaks our heart. We keep forgetting the fact that what would seem like trash to us right now were once useful things we can’t live without. Thinking about how people can just dispose of things the moment they lose their utility or used up their usability is heartbreaking. If I were the device about to get thrown into the black bag, I would definitely feel worthless.

But let me tell you something, not everything old or anything broken is disposable by default. There might still be some value to them – a spark left of the fire, as some would say. And we at Action Link Wireless can take that spark and bring back the golden flames. That is if you let us.

However, I’m pretty sure some of you think “Why repair when you can just buy something brand new?” Well, let ALW tell you what happens every time you buy a new gizmo and throw out the old one: Waste, Cost, and Damage or WCD for short.


There are basically two definitions of the word “broken” in the tech world: BROKEN BEYOND REPAIR and BROKEN YET REPARABLE. When you throw away a device that is broken beyond repair, then you have good reason to do so. Throwing it or giving it away to be recycled is a more practical option to take compared to hoarding it inside your storage. However, when a device is broken yet reparable, simply throwing it away without due reason will not justify your action. You are creating wastage. What could’ve been repaired and put to good use by you or others was discarded for no valid reason at all. Maybe it was too old or you are eyeing to buy a new model, but still, getting rid of something that could’ve been operational is a waste of technology. If you don’t want to use it, surely there are other options you can take other than putting it in the trash.


When you throw away a completely, reparable item, you sure are incurring wasteful costs. Just because something is broken doesn’t mean its value is zero. And when you buy a new one, thinking the old one is totally busted, you are also incurring an added cost. Sometimes, we believe the first thing our family or peers say without even consulting with a proper professional. It is all too often that we hear our own acquaintances say “My aunt said repairs won’t do any good. I’ll just buy a new one.” Or, “My mom said I’ll just be spending on repairs only to have it broken again after a while. Buying a new one is definitely a more practical choice.” If you’re guilty of following your friends and family’s advice all the time, I have two questions for you:

  1. What certificate do they hold that has some significance to tech repairs and mobile units?
  2. Why do you feel so assured that buying a new one will solve all your problems? Wouldn’t the new one break down after some time like the old one? Are you just going to buy another one (again) when that happens?

Thing is, tech devices are made up of gears, wires, and circuits that could break or come loose at any given time – especially when the external body of the device has taken in some damage. However, that doesn’t make them useless at the drop of a hat. Repairs are common; they’re necessary.

When you’re hair gets frizzy after a long time of styling, dyeing, and perming, you go to a salon to get some sort of repair treatment now, don’t you? Or when your car breaks down because of a problem with the engine, don’t you just go see a mechanic to repair it rather than go to a car dealer to get a new one? Repairs come with buying man-made stuff. It’s a package, you see. Buying a new one doesn’t necessarily mean you get to save better.


Last but not least is damage. So yeah, we’ve talked about what personal damages you may incur if you throw away devices needlessly without seeking professional opinion first however, we have yet to talk about the actual damage gadgets may possibly inflict on our environment. When tech products are disposed of improperly, radioactive compounds and hazardous chemicals may be potentially released to the environment. This can create further damage to our already polluted environment and may even cause certain health-related problems. Throwing every broken gadget straight to the garbage will not help alleviate this problem any better. If anything, you’re only creating an opportunity for improper waste disposal. If more and more tech devices get thrown to the dump, it will only be a matter of time before landfills get literally “filled up.”

But I don’t really want this device anymore, I want to upgrade to a new model.


Action Link Wireless is not only an expert at fixing broken devices, it’s also a specialist when it comes to saving and letting them find new owners. It’s lonely enough to think that you’re letting them go; throwing them to the trash is just plain devastating. Surely, other people will appreciate their company. And don’t worry if they’re broken – you won’t need to fix them before selling. Just deliver us the device and we’ll negotiate on its price! We’ll take care of the rest for you! Now, isn’t this a nice way to earn the extra buck? Right to the very end, your device can prove itself useful.

If you’re more of a buyer than a seller of old devices, you can also check out what we have up for “adoption” on our website’s product page. You’d be surprised with how much we have under our collection. From vintage chic to tech modern designs, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for. Best part: They’re all in top-working condition. The exteriors have been polished and the interiors are working better than ever! Trust that Action Link Wireless can make a miracle out of old tech. Why not have your own miracle shipped right to your doorstep?

Action Link Wireless is your one-stop shop for anything tech-related. Broken gadgets can be tweaked back to perfect condition. Old devices can look good as new with a few modifications. Mobile units you thought you have no use for may actually be something of value. And discover technologies you never knew existed!

Action Link Wireless can give you a whole new tech experience. Browse what we have on sale or message us to get a free quote – today!

P.S. If you have further questions, concerns, or even new tech gossip you want to share with us, feel free to get in touch with us at your convenient time. We’d definitely love to hear from you! Remember, we offer cell phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad and laptop repair services in Taylorsville, Salt Lake City, West Valley, West Jordan, Sandy, Draper, Kearns, Herriman and Riverton, Utah.