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Chances are that your cell phone service provider has locked your phone, restricting it and you to use only their service even though your phone was designed to be used on any compatible service.

Action Link Wireless can unlock or flash most cell phones, including both GSM and CDMA devices! Contact us to confirm your phone compatibility. We also now offer unlocking and flashing remotely or by mail service. Fill out this Flashing Request to get started.

Unlocking or flashing your phone does not damage its performance or lessen its functionality. It just gives you greater freedom to take advantage of all of your phone’s features on the network that you choose.

Factory Unlocking for iPhones

Action Link Wireless can now factory unlock all AT&T iPhones so they can be used on other phone carriers. Once unlocked, they will stay unlocked forever and can still be updated with future iOS and firmware upgrades. An unlocked iPhone can be used on T-Mobile or other GSM networks instead of being restricted only to AT&T. Which means you can choose the company with the best coverage and rates for your needs. If you live or travel out of the country, you can even switch to a foreign carrier and avoid paying international roaming charges.

Unlocking All Phones Is Legal

As of August 1st, 2014 unlocking all phones is legal again! iPhone unlocking starts at only $55. Contact us today to confirm your phone’s compatibility and learn more.