I couldn’t find any place that seemed very good that could fix the crack on my phone screen. I stumbled upon this company and decided they were worth the shot. After seeing the last comment and noticing they had a groupon I figure they must be a pretty good company if they are on groupon. Their service was great and I was happy with how they fixed my phone. Great company at what they do.
Mike ‎ – Dec 9, 2011

They had a Groupon that I got and used. It was great paying $20 and getting $50 to use. I was able to use it toward getting my screen fixed on my phone. They were very nice and getting things like this at a discount rate makes me very happy. I wasn’t even thinking about fixing my phone until I saw this groupon.
Bo ‎ – Nov 14, 2011

It is so rad that you can get a phone that is specifically made for Verizon and use it on the Sprint network. The cool thing about that is now the phone I am using I wasn’t even able to buy from sprint. These guys are good at unlocking the phones and getting them to work on your new network. Totally worth it.
Heather ‎ – Nov 8, 2011

They can even fix pads. After calling them to see if they can fix a galaxy tab. I thought that was awesome. After dropping my tab I thought it was gonna have to be cracked forever. Their kindness and service was awesome.
Lucy ‎ – Nov 3, 2011