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Charger Inputs

Tablet charge input repairIf your charging port does not work, your battery will no longer charge (or charge sporadically), and your tablet will eventually stop working because it will not be able to get a charge.   The micro USB port may be loose, or it came completely out of the tablet. Sometimes, it is just full of lint and dust, so it needs to be properly cleaned in order for it to work again.  Other times, it has been damaged by improper use.   It is normal to experience problems with your charging port as your tablet starts to break down over time.  If your tablet won’t charge or the input has been damaged, bring it in to us. Whether it’s a simple fix or requires more in-depth repair: our technicians can diagnose the problem and fix your tablet.  We are the only store in the area that can mico-solder to repair your device properly! You use your charging port nearly every day, and it is imperative to get it repaired as soon as possible.