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Factory unlocking vs. jailbreaking your iPhone: know better, do better

Well, unlocking iPhones is necessary for network flexibility and accessibility. Now, it is now legal to unlock your iPhones as of 1 August 2014. You can unlock your iPhone by yourself if you have the necessary skillset or you can reach out to a reliable provider like ActionLink Wireless to unlock your mobile device.

If you like doing things by yourself and you want your first iPhone unlocking service to be DIY, then you should follow verified instructions from reliable sources extremely carefully. You should learn how to do it the correct way on the first try, or you may end up damaging the firmware of the device.

What is factory unlocking of iPhone?

When you buy an iPhone, it is usually under a particular carrier. The manufacturers go through the additional trouble to make sure you cannot access other network services. Now, that can be pretty inconvenient for people who frequently travel to remote areas or outside the USA. Sometimes, certain versions of iPhones do not run specific apps, functions, and ringtones. Now, you can always turn it into an SIM-free, and contact-free phone since once you “factory unlocks” it, you can use it with multiple phone providers. Ask our experts how at ActionLinkWireless.

Why should you factory unlock your phone?

Well, aside from the advantage of changing cell phone providers, you can enjoy multiple other features once you unlock your iPhone.

  1. International traveling and calling: if you are traveling outside the USA, we recommend factory unlocking your phone. You need to cut down on the hefty roaming charges that iPhone network providers have by default. You should rather invest in international calling plans from cheaper network providers. In fact, getting a local SIM is also not a bad idea if you are thinking of staying in one place for quite a bit of time.
  2. High release value: due to so many facilities, factory unlocked phones can now have a tremendous resale value. You can enjoy almost all services that your network provider can provide to Android or Windows phones. Once you learn how to unlock an iPhone, you can start your small side-business where the buyers can immediately start using their phones after purchase.

Why is jailbreaking not a good option?

Jailbreaking your iPhone is one of the worst ideas ever. You will end up damaging its firmware and voiding its warranty in the very first try. Even if you manage to jailbreak it once, successfully, it can simply be a temporary process. It lasts until the next iOS update. Jailbreak opens up some avenues to lack of security updates and system updates. You may even start facing complaints about malware and bugs in the system (unheard of, in the case of factory-unlocked phones from ActionLink Wireless) that will take your reputation down with the phone performance.

Always seek expert advice before you think about professional factory unlocking iPhones fresh from the retailers. There are hundreds of benefits of unlocking, but once you fail, you will have a high price to pay. Always consult for iPhone related decisions you can make for yourself, your friends or your business.

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