What We Know about iPhone 8 So Far

It seems that iPhone 7 came out only yesterday, but tech experts are already looking forward to the next big iPhone release: iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 is expected to be particularly innovative, as 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. Here is a brief look at what we know (or at least what.. read more →

Does the Rice Trick for Saving Your Phone Really Work?

If you’ve ever been around someone who dropped their phone in a puddle—or even in the toilet—then you’ve probably heard of the rice trick for saving a phone from water damage. But does it really work? Here is a brief look at the “science” behind the rice trick, along with a few key things that.. read more →

All About App Controlled Appliances

The list of things that mobile phones can do continues to grow, and now mobile technology is expanding to allow you to control even home appliances from virtually anywhere. Here is a brief look at the world of app controlled appliances. read more →

Comparing the iPhone 6, 6s, and SE

You’re probably wondering how the new iPhone SE compares to the iPhone 6 and 6s.  Many people have said that the new iPhone SE has the capabilities of an iPhone 6, but the body of an iPhone 5.  Read on to find out if that’s true.   read more →

Making Your iPhone’s Battery Last

You’re meeting up with a friend at a restaurant, but you’re 20 minutes early. You start distracting yourself by checking out your Instagram feed, but suddenly realize that your iPhone’s battery is dangerously low. In fact, if your friend is late and needs to contact you, you may not be able to receive a message!.. read more →

The Future of Electronic Wallets

We are firmly apart of the digital age, now, and it continues to find its way into more facets of our lives. The technology of today is one that is modeled around speed and convenience, which are highly valued in today’s culture. This fact makes the rise of the electronic wallet somewhat inevitable, and we.. read more →

More Apps That Pay You

Earlier this month, we let you know about a few apps that pay you to use them.  Here are 7 more that you can earn money from!  While some of the payouts are small, it’s a great way to make a few extra dollars. read more →

Apps That Pay You

While there are many apps that you pay to use, did you know that there are a few apps that will pay you for using them!  Below is a list of 7 apps that will make you money, instead of take your money.   Foap Sell your photos online using Foap.  Upload them to the.. read more →

Six Most Expensive Phones

Every time a new smartphone comes out, we moan and groan because it costs so much.  $800 for a new phone is a steep price tag, but how about $95.5 million for a phone?  Here are some of the most expensive phones we know of, with their price tags and what makes them so expensive… read more →

How to Sell Your Old Phone

Selling your old phone can make a new phone more affordable than ever.  Whether you want to use the funds as a down payment for the phone or just earn a little bit of extra cash, selling your phone is quite easy. You can get a few hundred dollars, depending on the model, and you.. read more →