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A Broken Phone: Reach Out To Actionlink For A Quick Solution

Cellphones and tablets form an integral part of our daily routines. Be it client calls, updating your boss or asking your mom if she ate, these communication devices let us reach out to the most important people in our lives. Sometimes, our jobs depend on cell phones. During other times, we while away our tedious hours by reading on our tablets or playing the latest games.

A broken phone or a tablet is more than just a gadget that has stopped working. It is the disruption of a daily habit. While others may not realize why you are acting a little edgy or irritable today, we get it. You need your mobile phone fixed pronto, or you need to repair your tablet without losing an extra day. At ActionLink Wireless, we try to offer repair services within 24 hours depending on the seriousness of the situation.

Here are a few things you need to know before you approach us for fixing your gadget –

All parts our registered technicians and engineers come from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

We do not use reused or repurposed parts. We get brand new ones from the brand you are using right now.

We give a lifetime warranty on the parts we replace.

We offer walk-in discounts and special walk-in prices for our new customers as well as old clients.

Since we have been in this business for over 20 years, we always know what the glitch is in the system. We cannot only explain the problem to you; we can fix it at the first go. There is no trial and error method involved in our repair processes. We offer guaranteed results at

What are our specializations?

Over the last 20+ years, we have fixed a whole lot of mobile phones and tablets. We have fixed or replaced almost anything conceivable inside these electronic devices. However, most of our customers come with these problems very often –

  • Broken screen and broken tempered glasses.
  • Frozen software and a frozen screen.
  • Non-functional home and other physical buttons on old android phones.
  • LCD and digitizer problems due to unfortunate falls or liquid damage.
  • Battery problems, overheating and quick drainage mainly due to old age and sometimes due to liquid damage.

Which phones have we fixed in the past?

We have worked on every model of Android phone possible. From Ice-cream sandwich to Nougat, we have been working on all versions of Android available in the market. We have a dedicated team for Apple services as well. We can handle all versions of the Apple iOS, including the latest iOS10. As a result, we have worked with a range of Samsung phones including Note 3, Note 4, S6 Note, S7, Samsung A series, E series and J series phones as well. We have also serviced LG products a lot in the recent years, including the Nexus 4. If you cannot find a repair center for your Google Pixel, simply give us a call. We can fix your Pixel in less than 24 hours depending on the issue. Try us at

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